Social media and the changing trends


CHANGE’ a six letter word, when comes into action leads someone to tears or gives someone a reason to live. Growing changes in the society affect a lot of the humanity around the globe. People are affected by each and everything happening around. Growing trends on social media, staying up to date on social media platforms and letting everyone know that yes we are alive has become a very common thing now-a-days. But, one question..just one, hello.. are you really alive?Can you feel the humidity before rain and the pleasing effect after it while being busy posting pics on social media about enjoying rain.

Most of us today try to show off our happiness..yes, I agree it’s good to share our happiness, but more important is to be present in that moment, at that time and to actually feel the happiness.

Some people get depressed due to constant use of social media and getting nothing from it that can make them really happy. Yes, it is a fact. Some people start thinking about the less number of followers and do things to impress others and grab the attention.But, believe me it’s just for a period of time.People who are constantly active today may not like it tomorrow. People may praise you on social platform but in person they may even hesitate to talk to you.

There is a high need to understand the balanced use of social media . One must try to use it whenever and wherever necessary and not in order to get a virtual appreciation. Real appreciations will bring a genuine smile on your face and whenever you connect to people in the real world and enjoy with them, help them, serve them, do something for yourself and serving the purpose of gradually will start to feel lucky and satisfied.

To all those young minds who currently spend more time on social media rather than focusing on their relations, life, interests..please don’t be a slave in such a way that you can not get yourself off from bed for your good. It feels good to have followers, likes, friends but try to understand the difference and manage the two accordingly


Ab bas sapno me milte ho tum..

Kuch adhuri si khwaishein,

Kuch adhuri baatein lekar,

Apne sath sari meethi yaadein lekar,

Kahi aur nahi ,

Ab bas sapno me milte ho tum.

Khud ko dhundhne me din bhar magan rehti hu,

Isiliye tumhe yaad karna shayad bhul jati hu,

Fir bhi raat ko thak kar jab sone jati hu,

Tumse sapno me milkar mano jee jati hu,

Shayad ye jante nahi ho tum,kyuki

Ab bas sapno me milte ho tum.

Late night dil se..

Why I write..

Writing has always been a part of me. From poems to diary, to essays, to articles, to blogs and finally to wordpress,here I am. The feeling of satisfaction that is achieved through expression of thoughts with some beautifully moulded words is worth having. It is said that when you can’t show it, write it and what comes out of it will be one of the best combination of expression and awesomeness.

Writing cannot be neglected or underrated as it is one of the best forms to communicate your feelings to a large range of people.

Yes , pen proves to be mightier than the sword. Words written effectively can prove to be beneficial for a change to happen. Words of brilliant writers were the primary source of inspiration and motivation at the time of ‘Fight for freedom’ in India.

My interest in writing always kept on increasing day by day and because of the chance of expression of thoughts in a totally different way, I chose to write. Literally, it gives me one of the best feelings in the world,as I am here free from all boundations and can express independently.

What else a thoughtful person needs if the pen and paper are by his side.
This is the reason , Why I write.